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Xperience Celebrations provide firework displays 12 months of the year for entertainment and events.

We offer several services including corporate fireworks, public fireworks and wedding fireworks displays.

Whether you prefer rockets or roman candles, Xperience Celebrations provide only top quality fireworks to ensure a stunning pyrotechnics display for your chosen event.

Whatever you are celebrating or organising, Xperience Celebrations can make it an unforgettable occasion. From personal festivities, such as weddings and birthdays to a major corporate event, our fireworks displays will create an exciting and breathtaking climax, using vibrant colours and effects. In seconds they can create a memory, which can last a lifetime.

Experience our spectacular firework display as we paint the night sky with the art of pyrotechnics, nothing can beat the pure spectacle of sound and vision that can be created with a symphony of fireworks expelling bright coloured stars and effects to create a stunning fireworks experience.

With our digital intelligent firing system we are able to create amazing dramatic effects, sweeping back and forth, left to right, right to left, center out and center in chases, all with a programmed set of cued sequences. We have full control, with our intelligent firing ability to fire each firework cue as fast as 1/100th of a second the sky is not the limit!

Xperience Celebrations offer you a competent and professional service which will meet all of your requirements.

Firework displays are becoming more and more popular and used to enhance all manner of celebrations and events, the excitement and thrill that a fireworks display creates is unrivalled as a form of exciting entertainment.

Whilst achieving the highest standards of customer service and professionalism, we never forget the significance of your special event.

Our operators will give your firework display their undivided attention and care.

Our team will work closely with you in planning every detail to create a firework display of your dreams.

With a fully insured professional firework display from Xperience Celebrations we are able to advise, organise and deliver for your special occasion.

Telephone calls to us from any UK landline are Free of Charge, Mobile calls are charged at your normal operator rates.

Free Phone: 0800 00 96051

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